Report Features

On Demand Report that reads the batch reports to give the user their individual statistics as of the report date. The Batch Reports Specfiles are reports generated based on the information contained in the notes created by MCS.  The standard reports give information on the number of cross sell attempts for each product and the number of accounts that the attempts were made on.  These reports are given for the whole credit union, by branch, and by individual.  There is also a report for successes based on the product definitions.

Notes & Tracking Records accessible to rep gen to create many more opportunities for customize reports.
Because the information is completely contained within Episys you can easily design your own reports for cross sell or integrate it with your reports for MCIF downloads or even use it to customize statement messages or statement stuffers.  Since the information for cross sell opportunities is drawn from the Episys system, it can easily be integrated into other promotional campaigns through the use of warning codes.




Management Report Detail by:



  • Number of contacts.
  • Number of accounts contacted
  • Number of successes
  • By product
  • By institution

  • By branch
  • By individual
  • By day of the week
  • By time of the day






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