• Summarizes account information in a single screen.
  • Summarizes the current relationship with the member.
  • Is color coded to highlight important information at a single glance, which can be expanded to give detailed information.
  • Includes Credit Unions defined fields parameter driven products.
  • Provides access to the Financial Services Summary.
  • Provides tracking for CU defined information.
  • Provides scheduling for follow up.
  • Can initiate a printout for the member to summarize the product information.
  • Can initiate a scripted FM to open the product if the member makes the decision immediately.
  • Is designed to use the resources of each PC rather than the Risc system or the network.
  • Pre-selects products for presentation based on Credit Union parameter definitions.
  • Highlights current promotional items.
  • Expands features and benefits page to help the user inform the member on the product.
  • Expands to provide the user with notes on previous member contacts regarding encounters on products.
  • Tracks the outcome of the member contact.
  • On demand Rep Gen use to define product parameters.
  • On demand Rep Gen use to define pre defined notes.
  • Totally contained within Episys so that Scripted FM On Demand, or Symform documents may be run at the end of the contact.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Fast performance.
  • Feature and benefit pages updated in HTML.
  • Integrates with Credit Union repgen handouts.
  • Integrates with CU scripted FMs.
  • Enhances Members Initiated and Credit Union initiated contact.
  • Report features. Click here to see MCS report features.















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