Project Management for Audio Installs (Symitar or 3rd party solutions)
We can work with Symitar or any other audio vendor to create project plans for the installation or upgrading of audio systems. We can work to ensure that project milestones are met and perform system testing prior to going live.

Home banking installs (Symitar or 3rd party solutions)
Work with vendors to coordinate installation tasks. Assist CUs in determining customization and ensure that the Episys host is prepared for the installation. Also coordinating testing prior to going live.

SymConnect projects
Many SymConnect vendors are not familiar with all aspects of Episys processing. We can assist the vendor with coding their SymConnect interface properly by providing them with the information they need. Also we can coordinate testing between the vendor, Symitar, and the CU.

Installation of add on modules for audio or home banking
We can work with Symitar to keep projects on track. We can also coordinate tasks between Symitar and vendors for modules that interface with 3rd party products. We can provide assistance in setting up the Episys host, NTMC, or audio in preparation for module installations.

Assistance in Evaluating Audio, Home Banking, and Symconnect Solutions
We can provide CUs with the information that will help them prepare RFPs for audio, home banking, or SymConnect solutions. We can also provide assistance with evaluating proposals to determine if all CUs concerns have been addressed. We can also assist in preparing CUs for discussions with various vendors by explaining concepts used in providing solutions.

Assistance in customizing Symitar's NetTeller MemberConnect (NTMC) & Home Banking Solution (AKA MCW)
We can provide assistance in developing customized web pages for NTMC. This can include customization of menus, incorporating graphics, and layout of pages. We can also assist in creating PowerOn specfiles to add additional functionality to NTMC.

Training assistance with NTMC
We can provide training in the day to day maintenance and operations of NTMC. This includes minor customization to NTMC letter files; staring and stopping procedures; and basic troubleshooting procedures











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