Putting your information to work for you and making the most of the data you have is an important part of member service.

File Maintenance
TSS-designed customized file maintenance systems can save your credit union a lot of money and time every month by streamlining a broad variety of transactions and operations.

Relationship Pricing
We help you determine appropriate and competitive fee structures and dividend bonuses based on custom designed transaction and relationship level specfiles.

On Demand Letters & Forms
Member letters, loan letters, forms and disclosures. These documents can be time consuming but are available to you and your staff at the touch of a key.

Risk-Based Lending Porfolio Management
We can design a system to easily and conveniently provide you and your staff with a wide variety of loan, delinquency and approval reports.

Promotional Targeting & Cross-sell Tools
Each account is marked with a warning code when it reaches its prime target capability and an expiration date is added indicating the end of the targeted promotion. Key cross-selling points and detailed promotional information are displayed on terminal screen.












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Specfile Packages